History of Japanese Baseball Cards

Japanese Baseball Cards 1991-Present

1991 BBM Hideo Nomo RC

BBM transformed the Japanese baseball card industry in 1991 with their first set of 399 cards.  Modeled after modern American cards, the set included most of the active players as well as cards of league leaders and a special subset of all-time great players.  Like American cards, BBM cards came in packs of ten and in factory sets.  

Over the years, BBM has added more annual sets.  By 2010, they usually produced a pre-season set, a regular set, a premium set, individual sets for each team, all star and Japan Series sets, a nostalgic set as well as additional special issue sets.  BBM cards are widely collected in both Japan and the United States.  The company is responsible for transforming card collecting in Japan into a large business.

BBM Cards

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