Wally Yonamine


Japanese Baseball

Coming in 2020


The Story of the First Japanese American Ballplayers

University of Nebraska Press


Remembering Japanese Baseball is the first oral history of baseball in Japan published in English. It features the narratives of 25 men who played in Japan from 1948 to 1996. Through their stories, readers will understand the history of Japanese ball and see how the game changed over time.

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Banzai Babe Ruth

​​​Masanori Murakami

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Banzai Babe Ruth is the story of the doomed attempt to reconcile the United States and Japan though the tour of Major League all stars in 1934 and the efforts of fanatical ultranationalists to drive the nations apart.  The story contains international diplomacy, espionage, attempted murder and, of course, baseball.

Often called the Nisei Jackie Robinson, Wally Yonamine was the first ethnic Japanese to play professional football in the U.S. and the first American to play professional baseball in Japan after WW II.  In both environments, the young Hawaiian had to adapt to unfamiliar cultures and overcome prejudice against his Japanese-American ancestry. ​

​​​Masanori Murakami

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Mashi: The Unfulfilled Baseball Dreams of Masanori Murakami Japan’s First Major Leaguer is the story of an unlikely hero who gets caught up in a clash between American and Japanese baseball and is forced to choose between fulfilling his dreams in the U.S. or fulfilling his duty in Japan—a decision that he regrets to this day.