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Japanese Baseball Superstars

2001 -, LLC

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In 2001 Gary Engel and I decided to write a short book to introduce the greats of Japanese baseball to American collectors. Japanese Baseball Superstars contains short biographies of all the members of the Japan Baseball Hall of Fame and Meikyukai inducted before 2000. 

Although 20 years have passed since its publication, I still get requests for copies so I have decided to make it available as a pdf here.

Pdf Version

Japanese Baseball Superstars is best viewed on a color-capable device - including desk-top computers, iPads, Kindle Fire, and even smartphones.

The file is in fixed-format of 28-30 MB, and is downloadable as a pdf 

pdf $6.99

To Purchase

Click on the "Buy Now" button below to purchase with Paypal. After payment has been processed, there will be a button on the Paypal page labeled "Return to Merchant." Click that and you will be brought to the appropriate download page.

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