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Japanese Baseball Cards For Sale Gallery


Japan has produced some of the most beautiful baseball cards ever made.

This gallery highlights special items I have for sale.


Please contact me at the bottom of this web for more information on these items.

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Robs Japanese Cards

for hundreds of cards in all price ranges

ruth booksm.jpg

Babe Ruth in Japan

1952 paperback biography by Sotaro Suzuki $199; 1929 Shonen Club Postcard $299;

1934 JBR72 Bromide only PSA graded example $4,999


Sadaharu Oh

1959 JCM41 Oh RC, off condition $199; 1977 Calbee Oh & Hank Aaron PSA4 $799;

1967 Shonen Club Sadaharu Oh PSA9 $1750

nishizawa mask.jpg

1948 JDM2 Mask Menko

Each card measures 5 x 71/2 inches and is in EX condition

Tetsuharu Kawakami $99; Micho Nishizawa $89; Takehiko Bessho $89; Hiroshi Oshita $89

color sheet.jpg

Display Sheets

Left: 1959 JCM38b Marusho menko complete set of 40, plus 16 duplicates on factory display sheet $499 Right: 1960 JBR6 Marusho Bromide display sheet with 56 cards incl. Oh $399

An Illustrated Introduction to Japanese Baseball Cards

eBook / PDF Book

To Learn More About Japanese Baseball Cards

Order My eBook

Illustrated Intro Cover small.jpg

This lavishly illustrated color eBook introduces the history and types of Japanese baseball cards from their beginnings in the 1890s until the present-day.  

Available in both ePub and pdf forms it is best viewed in color

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