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Issei Baseball Photo Gallery

The Story of the First Japanese American Ballplayers
 Coming in April 2020 - University of Nebraska Press

1906 Guy Green's Japanese Base Ball Team

1906 Guy Green's Advertising Card


Guy Green's Japanese

Tetsusaburo "Tom" Uyeda

Guy Green's Japanese

Umekichi "Kitty" Kawashima

Guy Green's Japanese

1908 Denver Royal Mikados' Base Ball Team

1908 Denver Royal Mikados

1907-9 Los Angeles Nanka

LA Nanka ca.1907-9

Atsuyoshi "Harry" Saisho

Nanka Practicing

1911 Japanese Base Ball Association

1911 JBBA Game Ticket

1911 JBBA 

1911 JBBA Players

1911 JBBA Game Photos

Photos courtesy of the Kitsuse family